Monitor Desk Mount for 13"-32" LCD LED OLED Screens up to 17.6 lb. ONKRON G80, Black

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About ONKRON G80 Black

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Max Load
17.6 lb.
height adjustable columns
Aluminum, steel
height adjustable columns
13" - 32"

The ONKRON G80 is a gaslift-powered monitor arm for flat and curved computer screens weighing up to 17.6 lb. with diagonals from 13" to 32". The mounting bracket is VESA compatible (75 mm x 75 mm minimum to 100 mm x 100 mm maximum) with most flat or curved monitors: LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, HD, 4K.

ONKRON G80 in interior

Without a doubt, among the advantages of ONKRON G80 monitor arm are modern design, high quality, and simplicity of use.
ONKRON desktop monitor mounts are designed to suit the highest quality of life.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Versatile VESA panel

Supports an up-down tilt from +90° to -45°, left-right swivel 180° and 360° rotation. Rotate it into landscape or portrait view, and fix it in any position on your eye level. The flexible arm can extend up to 19.1" in length and rise to 16.3" in height.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Reinforced VESA plate

Thought-out design of the monitor arms and high quality of all parts - from the VESA mount, with protective inserts, to the gas spring system, which is 100% quality controlled.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Cable management

The mount's cable management system will keep the wires and chords organized and, even more importantly, out of sight.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Two ways of installation

The mount can be installed onto the edge of the desk using a C-clamp or through a grommet hole. Desktop thickness 0.39"-3.46". The clamp is made of 5mm-thick (0.2") SPCC steel which will not bend even under enourmous weight! Max diameter of grommet hole is 2.36".

Video G80 Black

Monitor Desk Mount for 13"-32" LCD LED OLED Screens up to 17.6 lb. ONKRON G80, Black
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